[RELEASE] [FREE] CNN News Building // KFC

Another release today :slight_smile:

credits: EaGLe09x

(let me know if the link isn´t working anymore)

Install: just put CNNTv into your resources and start it through your server.cfg


wait so those are not mlos you just changed the logos … why not just upload them as a pack and stop posting singles ?? or better still just combined them together and just have one resource ?


cause some ppl maybe only would like to have one building. (there will be a big pack)

then just update you first release by adding the new ones to it lol
with in the space of 4 hours you posted 5 releases including this one ??

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I will still upload them as singles lol

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i mean you do you im just trying to save you the bother of keep typing out new posts every hour lol

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LAX will be out tomorrow

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Will you do police stations as well?

yes I will do that tomorrow :wink:

it says access denied

The link says no file found.

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Can you make a fox news one thank you?

Hi, the links is not working anymore…

You need to upload free resources directly to the forum.

Thats not working, help me pls

hey, it says file not found can you reupload the link

link is not working

Link does not work