[RELEASE][FREE] Ballas Chain for MP Male

Hi, this is a custom Ballas chain for MP Male. One of the first chains I made to learn the process and decided to make it public.

Fixed: Vertex Coloring

Download: ballas_chain_cfx_ready.rar (710.7 KB)


Awesome quality chain! Already showed my ballas gang and they want it! Thanks for the release! And free! :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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20k verts is too high for a single necklace for a multiplayer FiveM server, your vertex colors are wrong, and there’s no reason the texture needs to be 1024x1024 for some flat colors on a palette.

you should probably emphasize this should only be used in SP.

man’s didn’t even make it ready for FiveM lmaoo.

Ahh damn you right, fixed it for you.

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