[RELEASE] [FREE] 2008 Ford F-550 Ambulance

Fixed vehicle.meta

Here is an old but repurposed 2008 Ford F-550 Ambulance. It had low mileage. I hope you enjoy it!
I may update it in the future with a livery just keep watch.

Features: Template | Optimized LODS | Environmental Lighting | Scene Lighting

LGC08AMBO.zip (30.0 MB)

Extras 6-11

6 - Rear Scene Lighting
7 - Left Scene Lighting
8 - Right Scene Lighting
9 - Side Emergency Lighting
10 - Rear Emergency Lighting
11 - Front Emergency Lighting

Extra Photos

Extra photos LGC08AMBO - Album on Imgur


Base: BC Designs
Lighting: Razer, LG Customs, panos_zaf, bueno, CEO, Rogue Thunder
Designed: LG Customs


Looks Nice :o

Thanks mate, might make a livery for it soon.

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I can’t spawn this with command /car lgc08ambo
or is other the name in game of the car?

Negative and it should be /sv lgc08ambo

Also depends if your server has it

I’m aware of the livery issue working on that tomorrow I work on that tomorrow

P.S. Thank you for the support!

awesome release

Is this vehicle compatible with FiveM ELS?

Negative it is non-els

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The grille is greener than shrek

I compress the textures so it will run well on servers. I would rather have it run well than looks. Better to have 200 spawned and not loose visual textures of the server that a slightly green tint on the grill. You can swap out the textures (which I included with full res ones if you want. Not going to run well on the server.)

There’s actually certain colours on the grey scale that don’t compress that you can use

Looks amazing