[Release][FR/EN] Voicecontroller

Current version : 1.0


Control the distance of your voice with several levels:

  • normal (5 meters)
  • scream (12 meters)
  • whisper (1 meters).

The control key is “H” you can obviously change it in my script as well as all the other parameters!


Contrôlez la distance de votre voix à plusieurs niveaux:

  • normal (5 mètres)
  • crier (12 mètres)
  • chuchoter (1 mètre).

La touche de contrôle est “H”, vous pouvez évidemment la modifier dans mon script ainsi que tous les autres paramètres!

Download & source code : https://github.com/aabbfive/voicecontroller


client sided guna assume this is like other voice distance scripts where it can be exploited by people not being on the same setting being able to hear people whispering if they are on yell from the yell distance. correct?

You can not hear a person more than 1 meter in whisper mode

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no im saying if your in whisper and the other person is in yell they can hear you as if you are yelling (they can hear you at the yell distance as their client is set to yell, which is how these kind of scripts can be exploited to overhear peoples convos despite them being in whisper) , this is what occurs with most voice distance scripts that are client sided as it is not universally sent via server, so the voip is set per client , just curious if this is the same on this script

I understand I will test on my test server with several people it is a problem i check ^^

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The script allows the customer to change the range of his voice and not the distance or have little to hear the voices

I confirm that NetworkSetTalkerProximity is the listening distance

NetworkSetTalkerProximity change the listening distance and distance of the voice :wink:

not found in fxserver :S

What do you mean not found in FXServer?

Would be cool if you added one that’s global for the whole lobby but can only be used by admins for giving announcements etc

Doesn’t work for me with the lambda menu

you are serious lol
Lambda menu does not change anything and it is normal that if you change the vocal distance with lambda menu it does not work with my addons (that it is not taken into account)

the thing is we have to use lambda menu for our roleplay

not found in fxserver

please update :frowning: not found in fx server

Its working for fx i use it for my own server these my script :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah sorry its work perfect :slight_smile: thanks

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Do you have a system task force or cibie ?

Does this script override Lambada? I am having a few problems getting it working.