[Release][FR/EN] LifeTraffic - Manage the density of the IA like the real life

LifeTraffic manage the IA(alias npc/train/vehicle/parked/scenario) based the Time and Weather


I present a simple plugin that regulates the numbers of pnj, cars, boats, trains, etc …

The night as well as the day as an example at night there will be more car in parking and less pnj in town And a bit more in nightclubs, bars etc … and all this evolves with respect to time and weather. The night will be much quieter than the day and it also affects the roleplay of players psychologically.


Je vous présente mon plugin qui régule le nombre de pnj, voitures, bateaux, trains, etc… la nuit ainsi que le jour à titre d’exemple la nuit il va y avoir plus de voiture parquer et moins de pnj en ville et un peu plus en boite de nuit, dans les bars etc… et tout cela évolue par rapport au temps et la météo. La nuit sera bien plus calme que le jour et cela influe aussi sur le roleplay des joueurs psychologiquement.

Informations :

From 8pm until 5am it’s the night and a little precision it’s in game eh! (n the eyes of the plugin).

Manage with :

  • Night / Day
  • Blizzard
  • Christmas
  • Clear
  • Clearing
  • Clouds
  • ExtraSunny
  • Foggy
  • Neutra
  • Overcast
  • Raining
  • Smog
  • Snowing
  • Snowlight
  • ThunderStorm


  • Make the pnj’s more aggressive at night.

My idea:

The basic idea, but came to the psychological level, I noticed that having less of pnj, car more pnj in the evening etc… the night and the day or weather have some consequences on our way of acting. as well as for Realism of Los Santos for and I got involved at work. Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

Source code & Download : https://github.com/aabbfive/LifeTraffic/releases


Really nice idea ! Good job.

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Awesome! I love what you’re doing here, and with NPCLife, and with your thinking in general.

Lot’s of possibilities for richer, more realistic ped / environmental interactions. Combined with the FiveM animal update, the non-player background ‘life’ on servers has come a long way.


Nice job! I really like this idea

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Is it compatible with server synchronization script ?

Yep fully :smiley: <3

:heart_eyes: Seems to be a nice work !

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Thanks you very much :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing plugin thanks man

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How can I make it so there is a very minimum amount of AI. Not to disable it, just to get rid of a fair amount of the ai. On my server it just clutters up :wink:

@aabb Tu parles de train dans ta release, sais-tu comment les ajouter sur un serveur ?
Merci d’avance.

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how do you put this in

how do you puth this in your five m server

Just looked at it, throw it in as a normal resource.

Do i need to turn off timesync ? in resources.

@aabb Hi, how can i install it on my server ?

Download the resource, put it in your “resources” directory, making sure the folder is named “LifeTraffic” then edit your server.cfg and add “start LifeTraffic”. Save file and start server.

I already done that but when i try to connect me to my server, it say "“Couldn’t load ressource LifeTraffic”. And I think it’s because the is no “_ressource.lua” file in the folder.

There is when I look at the download:

Oh thanks, I had downloaded the wrong one