[Release] Flywheels [MLO] [Paid]

hello i present small Mlo next to Sandy Shores is a small auto garage for roleplay

Price : 5€ (with taxes)
Video : https://youtu.be/29glZnaqsCM
To buy it : https://bit.ly/37GDKF4

This MLO has 2 rooms and 3 entrances :

  • receptions
  • and lockers / office

Locations :

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just saying you want $15 for this when there a free version out there :confused: [Release] Flywheels Garage - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community

oh sorry i didn’t know there is a free version of this

your good dude … but if i was you il do a little research next time … :slight_smile: but nice job on the mlo tho.

theres actually 2 released versions of this. one paid and one free which both are alot more detailed than this. id prob learn to check out whats NOT been released and focus on them prehaps

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for more detail check your glass it’s strange and you need more details on the roof ans check your time cycle the light are too strong

thanks for your advice

The map is not as good and Free Version !

i know that

This looks awesome! This is only one I could find that has the lift inside, which will work great for our T1ger Mechanic Job Script! Looks great, awesome work. Will be purchasing soon!

so i bought this months ago and i still never got it…