[RELEASE] Flashbang

0.08ms is 0.00008 seconds. Is it really high compared to other recources? Obviously it is still going to run if there are no runtime errors.

It’s high for a script not use all the time.

Better optimizations better server.

It’s should be not like that, I have much bigger script and they use 0.01

It’s really high compare to all ressource I have, and trust me I have a lot. They are all optimezed.

You probably have to much loot and should use state bag

The script was made for fun. Had nothing to do with performance. It was demonstrating that you can do it in FiveM.

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Any possibility we can access to the code?

Yeah? Code has always been public. It has never been private.

Is this meant to be ran at like 0.23ms in resmon? Just curious.

Its running a C# thread which is already bloated already. I am sure there are some performance improvements that can be done but I doubt ur gonna get it to run like most of these Lua resources at 0.1ms or so.

Very true, thanks for the response.

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Our team is trying to add more custom grenades into the game but the models end up crashing the game. Is there anything in particular we have to consider when creating models for grenades like special flags or armatures?

I just downloaded your flashbang and I have a problem with using that.
When I give flashbang in my inventory, it works well.
But when i want to throw it, it dissapers and i dont see it flying and exploding after it lands, it just dissapers.
Can anyone help me how to fix that?

my console keeps saying (resource loading for flashbang failed:
could not open resource metadata file - no such file
any help would be nice

Download the latest release from the Github page. You may just have cloned the Github repository. It needs to be a folder with the fxmanifest in it.

Sorry everyone for the lack of replies here lately. I have been trying to catch up on projects and its just making new updates and new content on a harsh wait…

Hello I use the ox_inventory I have problems with the insert can someone help me?

Sure, give me a pm.

is there a way to replicate something like the mmflashbang script does ? or like just the sound?