[release]FiveM Status Bot

A Discord bot with Automated Server Status and RCON built in.

Slash commands now suuported with hosted bot!

Invite the hosted bot for free! Click here!
You must use the ip AND port commands to set up your server before using any other commands. It is impossible for the bot to work if it doesnt know your ip and your port.

Purchase the bot to run yourself on tebex


Shows all commands for the bot

Shows one time message of server status

Checks the bot status

whois @user
example: discord 201542658432353
Gives usful info on that discord users account

Gives usful information on your fivem server

discord discord_id
example: discord 201542658432353
Finds user on server by their discord id and shows their account information

id id
example: id 5
Finds user on server by their server id and shows their account information

player player_name
example: player shaggst8r
Finds user on server by their playername and shows their account information

setprefix prefix
example: setprefix $
Changes prefix for the bot

addroles @role
example: addroles @staff
Adds support role for server

removeroles @role
example: removeroles @staff
Removes support role from server

Lists all support roles for guild

ip x.x.x.x
example: ip
Changes ip of the server for server status

port xxxx
example: port 30120
Changes port of the server for server status

statuschannel channel
example: statuschannel #serverstatus
Starts automated server status updates to selected channel

Enables RCON commands for support team

statustitle title
example: statustitle My Server Name
Sets custom title name for server status messages

statusicon link
example: statusicon https://logos-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/FiveM-Logo.png
Sets custom thumbnail for server status messages

Sends you information to help setup rcon on your server

rconpassword password
example: rconpassword myRCONpassword
Sets password for rcon commands

rconstop File Name
example: rconstop vMenu
Stops File Name on FiveM server

rconstart File_Name
example: rconstart vMenu
Starts File Name on FiveM server

rconrestart File_Name
example: rconrestart vMenu
Restarts File Name on FiveM server

Refreshes File Name on FiveM server

rconkick id
example: rconkick 6 for this reason
Kicks user from FiveM server

rconsay message
Says message in server chat.



very cool :+1:

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You can find better then this, they look more clear and more nicer.

then use those? lol no one is making you use this one

Don’t be like that. It was hard work for him I guess and you could respect that work… but no, you make his work in seconds bad…
I think his work is good. No one needs comments like yours.


İt’s very awsome and usefull thank you!