[Release] FiveM for Low End PC"s (2.0)

Buy a new CPU example: i5 or i7 your graphicscard has 8GB and its too much for your CPU you have a bottleneck in your system

delete your citizen folder and start fivem

but my system is laptop

Do anyone know why my fivem says nvidia gpu driver encountered an error

replace the old citizen folder with the new one

did not work gave me more stutters

For some reason, it does not work for me.

also there is no shortcut or anything to re-open the FiveM launcher

Does this Still work in 2022? Any new Update?

It works all the time and well. :smiley:

Yeah so I have in pc

GeForce GTX 645
AMD FX™-670 Quad-Core Processor
12,0 Gt DDR3

My old fps was like 15-30 and now 45-80 i dont know if it’s a bad thing or no. But great work!

how do i install it