[release] fivem-appearance

Any idea why i am getting this when i hit the rotate button?

Hello, can you help me please ?
I don’t know for what when i finish to register my player in my Creator the outfit go delete.
I spawn like random with mp_freemodel, can you help me pelase ?

is it possible for you to add a config for blacklisted clothes?

beautiful bro

Can someone help me with how to use exports to set/get player clothes?

local playerIdx = GetPlayerFromServerId(source)
local ped = GetPlayerPed(playerIdx)
	exports['fivem-appearance']:getPedComponents(function (PedComponents)
		if (PedComponents) then
       end, ped)

I tried this code to get PedComponents but I got the following error :

Cool release. Keep it up!

So does it work or the barbershop and can i save clothes?

Nice interface :grin:

Loving the script but I’m having trouble making it work with esx job uniforms anyone help me out?

I cant start policejob or ambulancejob when selecting uniform only civilian clothing works surely I’m just being stupid and miss reading something :man_facepalming:

I have spent 4 hours tonight trying to figure out how the heck I get this thing working. I’m using es_extended v1 final and for the best of me cant get this rite, yo anyone able to pass some wisdom to a good soul please?

Hello good,

I have installed everything and it works perfect. But I have a little mistake. Every time I press this button

Nuevo proyecto

it gives me the following error. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Can someone please install this for me asap I have an ESX Plume server I need it so it works with ESX Multi Character and my clothing pack please…

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how can i save outfits & skins into a .json file?

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i have issues with this people admin cant do /car or use the command goto and bring