[Release] Ferrari F430 Scuderia | Hot Pursuit Police for server side

I see many RP cop server born. so i have converted this car.
Hope you enjoy it.

this is the Ferrari F430 Scuderia | Hot Pursuit Police for server side by Game68240 ported to 5R by me.


open 7z archive and extract “polf430” to your resource folder.
add the “- polf430” to yor yml config file.

just in trainer,select spawn vehicle then input manually “polf430”

the bumper lights are bugged.if you lose bump,they alive.



I don’t see the tuning parts when I use the native trainer to do modifications.
Nor do the headlights work. :frowning:

im inspecting on it. btw for some vehicle modification work’s, for other no. need more info.

Did u have any succes?

try going to carcols and changing the modkit to 1000 or more and then assign it in the carvariation should fix ur little tuning problem :wink: @Clod_TIF

Omg Really :smiley: I will give it a go! If u are right about this… :smiley:

Damn I was expection it too work but no :frowning:

try a different modkit #

Is it an LSPD skin? Or Seacrest County?

People would appreciate more, if they would know, if it’s ELS or not, rather that it’s “server side” :roll_eyes:

…because having PD Ferrari is so police RP friednly :thinking::sweat_smile:

Hi @Clod_TIF,

  1. Call this release what actually is: [Release] Converted Add-on Ferrari F430 Scuderia | Hot Pursuit
    Useless to say “server side” the add-on files are streamed, ofc they’re server side.
  2. ELS or not? I tell you, it’s not.
  3. Upload the file on redirect host that could bring us potentially viruses? Seriously dude? Change host, use something like mega, mediafire, nofile. I mean DIRECTLY on that.


Here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lhe7e25dyg5hvkc/polf430.7z

hate it when people use ads on links, at least provide a second link without ads.