[RELEASE] Fake Plate Script

Hi everyone. I bring you my own creation as a result of the idea of being as a gang on different FiveM servers. The idea is to make a script that allows you to change or sand down the license plate of your vehicle to be able to carry out robberies, kidnappings, or any criminal act without the police being able to identify the owner of the vehicle.

• Features:

  • Simple and complete configuration file (Possibility to edit item names, animation time, language, etc).
  • Possibility of putting a different license plate or sanding the license plate so that nothing is read.
  • Possibility of restoring the original license plate to store personal cars in garages.
  • Possibility of changing the license plate to any type of vehicle: personal vehicles, NPC vehicles, cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, etc.
  • Language system (Currently only Spanish and English)

• Requirements:

  • ESX

• Pictures:


https://streamable.com/te6ryq (Special thanks to @Mat3)

• Buy info:

  • Price: 5.99 EUR
  • Buy link: Here :heart:

We still working to bring improvements and updates for the script soon ^^

For more information talk to me on PM


Looks very good

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What’s the difference between this script and jsfour license plate?

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If you pass me the link through PM of the post I will review it and tell you what differences it has ^^

Thanks dude ^^

Does this use an item? Command? A video or more details would be nice.

Yeah! It is done with items ^^

jsfour is to set legit plates in your database that will be registered to you. Not fake.

Correct, this script allows you to temporarily modify your license plate to be able to do criminal acts or whatever comes to your mind without them knowing that this vehicle belongs to someone.

ahh okay

Is the code obfuscated/encrypted?

Nope, there is no need to encrypt a script as long as the license and code of conduct are respected ^^


  • Added video so that you can see how the script works ^^

Where are the overalls from :eyes:

Neat video though. I would suggest adding a progress bar tbh but thats an added dependency that may be outside the scope of this.

It could be added as an extra, and that from the config file that can be enabled. Thanks for the suggestion, I write it down ^^

It’s this one iirc Overall dress for MP Female - GTA5-Mods.com

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What is the spelling for it to be added to ITEMS, for me it keeps crashing the shop script. thanks

Thank you <3

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The one you use in the database. There is a sql attached to the script with the objects and it is verified that it does not give errors when entering the database. Use it ^^

My bad, i didn’t type it all in lower case. thanks