[Release] EUP "Blaine County Sheriff's Office" Name Tags

This was very simple I cleared the name tags for each rank of the “Blaine County Sheriff’s Office” long sleeve (With tie) this is basically a easy template for you to put custom names on these!

If you want to just use them with no name tag as I am just drag & drop into your eup-stream (then stream folder)

BCSO - Clear Tags.rar (6.9 MB)

This is a image of what I did for my custom shirt with my name on it!


Nice Release … how to change become my name ?

You need a photo editing software!

Is this for EUP 7

Yes, but it still work for 8.1

will this work for LSPD ped EUP outfits or no?

No, Sorry it replaces BCSO tops!

If you really wanted to I can make it replace LSPD

if its not a huge thing id love to would make my departments people happy and something else to add to the realism.

I am a bit confused can you explain?

How do we add it to our server? Do we have to make it a DDS file or a PNG?

:man_facepalming: It’s packaged as a .ytd a drag & drop

If we customize it, how do we add it?

That was true point but this is outdated as it is eup 7.5

Okay, is it going to be updated to EUP 8.1?