[Release][ESX] xd_locksystem | Vehicle Key System!

Welcome Everybody for my first Release!

This script is completely Free.

So I’ve seen a lot of requests in onyxLocksystem for fixed and better version so I decided to create one!

Of course I asked first for permission from HighHowdy (Creator of onyxLocksystem) to use the script idea and some of his code!

So Big Credit to @HighHowdy


  • Locking/Unlocking vehicles with keys
  • Hotwiring vehicles with multiple stages
  • Searching the vehicles to find a spare keys
  • Steal keys from locals by holding them up
  • Give keys to other player
  • Everything Synced with the server
  • A lot of Settings in Config file!


  • es_extended
  • Any Notify System - make sure to change to your notify in client if you have custom notify
  • same as above for progress bars


give player keys


take player keys


Developers - Check Player Keys
if you want to add check for keys to one of your script, you can use this in your client files

  • plate - the vehicle plate you want to check key for.
  • hasKeys - return true if player has the keys for vehicle else false.
ESX.TriggerServerCallback('xd_locksystem:getKeys', function(hasKeys)
	if hasKeys then
		print('Player has the key for the vehicle!')
end, plate)

While in hotwire you can have big chance to fail, but with lockpick you will succeed everytime you using it in vehicle, but you have a chance written in the config for the lockpick to break and not succeed!

For any help type in the comments your issue or open issue in github where the download link is
recommended to open issue in github :slight_smile:


Click Here for Video!


Click Here to Download!


  • Player camera only moved left or right without bottom and up when hotwire/search
  • Fixed exports when taking or giving vehicle keys it takes few sec to update now its updating automatically


  • New Settings for Config file
  • Support for esx_notify
  • Support for esx_progressbar
  • Support for Custom Notify/Custom ProgressBars
  • Custom Translate Options in Config
  • When player enters vehicle without keys but engine on he can drive it

My Scripts


qbcore? :frowning:

maybe in future :wink:

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-Given keys are temporary yes?

-Does it fetch keys for players own vehicles upon connecting? (Not sure if anyone else needs this feature besides me, but i guess it would help people that are running some realistic parking -scripts)

-Possibly add minigame for hotwiring instead of progbars? (You could yoink the lockpicking minigame I have used in my vehicle lockpicking script,)

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  1. Temporary Giving the vehiclekeys? like what do you mean explain to me
  2. There is an export for giving keys so just adding this to your garage script or any vehicle script will give player keys
  3. yeah I had it in mind but I doesn’t have any idea for a minigame (I want something original and not something everyone already did…)

If you give keys to other player, it will be temporary, as in when player disconnects, it will delete keys from said player? Or how exactly does it work?

Yeah, I saw. I’ll do it myself, no worries.

Ah well, alright. I’ll do this myself too. I’m just being lazy thus asking :smile::+1:t2:

If you give player keys it will stay until he give it to you or anyone else
(Unless you restart the script and then all keys will be reset)
The script is saving keys in server side so it doesnt matter if player disconnects…

Ah okay, I think you shouldn’t delete the vehiclekeys* from person who is giving it, if its the owner of said vehicle. Kinda scuffed situation if you gave your key to another person and the other player disconnects. Then no one has keys to the vehicle until script/server restart?

Welp, one dirty hack would be calling givekey export upon giving keys to another player. This way it would “copy” the key, right?

You can pull it from the garage again and you will have it or even hotwire it :smile:

Ahe, my system doesnt work like that, but i think i got it figured out for myself. Thanks for this :+1:t2:

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Anyway to make a command that will force give a key to an admin instead of them having to hotwire the vehicle?

nvm I got it figured out

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Good work man!

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can you also lock your owned vehicle with that or is it just for vehicles you don’t own?

what do you mean? if you have keys to any vehicle you can lock it too

what i mean is if you can lock the vehicles which you bought in the store or do you still need esx_carlock for this

No, xd_locksystem have his own lock system as its called!

And you can choose at config what key to trigger lock

can you put the download links
esx_progressbar because it gives me an error

You can find both Here.

or you can do in config custom progressbar or custom notify

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thanks, a consulate the cars in my garage sends me to look for the keys or steal it xdd do I have to export from the vehicle store too? strong text

Yes, you have to place this code


where the vehicle spawn code!
You need to place this code everywhere you want player spawn vehicle with keys

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