[RELEASE][ESX] Wash Money

Hi All,

Here is my initial commit to my Money Washing resource which converts the players black money to clean money. This is pretty simple and effective for faster paced servers.

I am aiming to make this cleaner and more effective to use on servers as the script at the moment is very unoptimized and lengthy. Ill be updating it in time.

If you want to contribute to this please open an issue on the GitHub and let me know. Please dont reply to this post with LUA snippets as it just gets confusing.


Down the resource from this GitHub and drag into resources folder. Add “start esx_WashMoney” to server.cfg. Configure to your liking! The location can be changed in the washMoneyLocations variable in the client.lua

Have fun and stay awesome!



So what’s the difference between this release and this other one that already existed

Realistically not a lot. They both do the same thing but in a different way.

His uses SQL and items where mine just does the math and adds it straight away.

I guess mine is kind of for those who just need an easy script where as his is for those are experienced in SQL, LUA and server running and therefore can set it up with DBs.

There is no right or wrong one to use. I’m not saying mines better then his but its just offered as an alternative.

Hello, where can change rate of washed money ? Maybe im blind but didnt find it… ;/

Nice script works really well thank you.

@gytis : Config.taxRate = 0.88 --85% of the dirty you will get back in clean

its right there in the config…

i do not see it too

can we see a preview?

Hello does anyone have a script hud where it shows dirty money because i need a hud really bad for my money thank you in advanced

is there a way to change it so instead of washing dirty money it washes an item

Can you explain the installation again? which resources folder from where?