This resource was created as a free interactive skillbar based mining script for ESX servers.


  • Skill bar based success

  • Full animations and props

  • Chance of pickaxe breaking upon failing skillbar(Can be changed in config.)

  • Configurable mining rewards(5 by default included)

  • Configurable prices to sell mining rewards for

  • No job requirement

  • Configurable webhooks (If set to true be sure to add webhook link to server/discordwebhook.lua)

  • Sell shop for mined items


  1. Download

  2. Put script in your resources directory

  3. Import wasabi_mining_weight.sql to your database if using weight based inventory.
    Import wasabi_mining_limit.sql to your database if using limit based inventory.

  4. Add ensure wasabi_mining in your server.cfg

Extra Information:

  • If using old limit based ESX set Config.OldESX to true in the config.lua

  • Inventory images included in the InventoryImages directory

  • You must add the item pickaxe to one of your in-game shops or have a place for your players to obtain.


  • 0.01ms on idle
  • 0.02ms when in marker range
  • 0.04-0.06ms while mining

Additional Credits:
GitHub - lIAM231/skill-bar: fivem skillbar (For the skill-bar used)


DOWNLOAD: GitHub - WasabiRobby/wasabi_mining: ESX based mining script


Solid stuff👍🏻

nice release

oi meu nome e joel tenho 18 anos posso entra no teu gta rp

Not bad :+1:

wasabi_mining/server/server.lua:22: attempt to call a nill value (field ‘canCarryItem’) i use limit extended

good job

Not bad :slight_smile:


yeah if this first jobs

I suppose you swap cancarry with
if xPlayer.getInventoryItem(item).limit > x then

Preview? <3
Looks nice though!

For those using an older version of ESX (limit based inventory)

I have updated the script to allow you to set Config.OldESX in the config.lua.

If you’re experiencing canCarryItem error when mining, please ensure you have the latest commit off of github downloaded and Config.OldESX set to true.

I’m not going to test my changes as ESX 1.1 and below is horribly outdated and I’m not going to waste my time with it but if anyone with an older version of ESX still experience issues, please let me know.

There are two video links at the bottom of the original post :slight_smile:

Ah I didnt notise that. Thank you!

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My pleasure!

hi! you post is very good, what the inventory-hud used?

It’s a version of Linden inventory. I’m unsure if it’s still available on github anymore.