60.49 something that not make huge changes to the role play in a server i dont know maybe you overstimate your own work but your code your price . Good work

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Why is this 60 bucks? xD

Overpriced for this max 5-10 bucks

50 bucks is the perfect price for this , if you can’t afford it then don’t buy it…

Nice Script!

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so, i decrease price

because taxes, i set $49 price in tebex :frowning:
so now it’s $39

not anymore)

looks good but still way too much for the resource

is instant version in new encryption?
can we edit or cheange some parts?

all versions have encryption

any open parts to costom that?

custom what?)

so now?)

Are you using AddReplaceTexture or spawning objects and then using NUI to show photos?

yep :slight_smile:

There are 2 questions in one sentence. What was that “yep” for?

Native or NUI?

Also, either of them are public. The native and NUI.

Someone just needs to take hypnonema, add model names and texture names and voila 50$ saved! Or just write 10 lines of code to do with a native.

Asset Escrow might hide your code, but selling 30$ thing just for a UI to change images isn’t typically good.

so, it’s not just replace texture, pls open codewalker and try to get some textureNames of billboards(and check the pictures), after that you can see, it’s not as easy as you think)

try to implement it for demo, just 10 billboards, with the same functionality, one day, if you can, i set price to $0.00, if you are so sure, then accept the challenge)


I bought this a while ago for my server’s next version. There is a security issue:, there’s no server-side permission check for the billboardsV:server:changeBillboardImage server event, a knowledgeable modder could manually trigger it and change any billboard. Could you please provide an exposed permission-checking function for the event? something like hasPermission(source, billboardID, image), so it could also be used for logging.

Thanks in advance!