do you use mysql or mariadb?

will take a look at that

when does that happen? when joining or when clicking the collect button

it probably doesn’t like that i set it to 0, i’ll change it and do some more testing

Sry for this late post it was an admin approvale delay.

This proc at ressource restart. And I think if a player joint (not sure)

Got it for amount of player.

3 player on serv > ressource restart > 3 time this error.
1 player joint > and it pop again. Did not checked my base. (MySQL)

Very nice script, but someone can help me to make a blip on the map and they can claim on a marker?

mysql it can use command but now give rewards how i can fix it ?

thank you for answer

What should I do if I want this to give me only cash?

hey ummm weird thing to ask but is there a way to make a vip group like admins mods etc. and a player with vip group can dive certain cars have a menu just for them to change skins and a car dealership for them with vip cars?

My eddit work 100% tested.
No errors.

Just need to test the reward tomorow now.

what did you change

just got home again, i’ll go fix some stuff

cool :+1:

when joining

i tried to reproduce it but i couldn’t get it no matter what i did

but i got something that may fix it but i’m not sure since i can’t repro it


  • (Probably) fixed join/claim bug
  • Fixed dupe bug that let you get rewards twice
  • Fixed a small typo (when client joined their time didn’t sync)
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I will wait tomorow to wait the next tick. And test the new version adn give feedback.

anyone can help?

What should I do if I want this to give me only cash?