[RELEASE] esx_simcards


5/5/2020 UPDATE *

Adds a cellphone simcard item, which when used allows players to change their cellphone number.

:hammer_and_wrench: Requirements

  1. dpemotes (OPTIONAL) (https://github.com/andristum/dpemotes)
  2. gcphone (OPTIONAL) (https://github.com/N3MTV/gcphone)

:straight_ruler: Setup

  1. Clone or download this repository
  2. Add esx_simcards to your resources directory
  3. Ensure esx_simcards in your server.cfg
  4. Run db.sql to insert simcard item into your DB (optional if Config.RequiresSimItem is true in config.lua)

:thinking: How it works

  1. Requires player to have SIM card item
  2. Use the item from your inventory to change numbers
  3. The mod handles formatting of the numbers so players must input 7 digits without any dashes or special characters, or letters, numbers only. The new number i.e 1234567 will be checked against DB and saved as 123-4567 (the mod handles validation, notifications for invalid inputs and the standard 111-1111 phone number format)
  4. If using gcphone mod, once a player changes their number, it will get updated on their phone and their messages related to the number will be visible, as well as phone calls (this applies to switching back and forth to any numbers)
  5. Contacts are stored on the phone not number, so are not affected by number changes

:clown_face: FYI

  1. We have a custom progress system we use on our server which is visible in the video, this is not included in this mod and for release sake was replaced with a standard Citizen.Wait(Config.TimeToChange) call if using the dpemotes optional addon to let the animation play, and get killed after the configured time, after which the number change is completed.

:open_file_folder: Git

Project Repo: esx_simcards
Bugs & Feature Requests: Issues


How you have your id system that saves as objects?

We have a custom licensing mod

im looking for a custom licensing system too :slight_smile: so if you are thinking about a release for it ^^ im the first guy to take it xD.

and sim script is really cool :slight_smile: nice work

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Can u show me ur dpemotes __resource.lua? Nice script!!

ayyyyy nice man, might use this.

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calls don’t go to me

@barney_shit there ya go

resource_manifest_version '05cfa83c-a124-4cfa-a768-c24a5811d8f9'

client_scripts {

server_scripts {

export 'OnEmotePlay'
export 'EmoteCancel'

@MikaGaming I need to do a lot of cleaning up on it before thinking about releasing it but maybe sometime in the nearish future :upside_down_face:

Not entirely sure what you mean @rubyfort?

Thanks bro! Nice Script

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Nice work! Can you make sim item dragable in use? not a command? Like if you drag in use. A input text popup and put the number on it.

I have this problem with th esx_simcards.Can anyone hepls me?

you have limit or weight? In table Item

no, its on the db file code

@FB-Syntax I was planning on doing that yes, perhaps future update :wink:

:wave:Hey @itsamayo,
can you send me the ymap of the police park in the background of the video pls?:smiley:

@FB-Syntax Decided to make the item usable instead of using as command as you suggested :wink: updated on repo

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Nice release! <3

Any reason I keep getting this error?

SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_simcards/server.lua:8: attempt to index a number value (local β€˜args’)

I am trying to set the number as 4566789