[Release] [ESX] Shops UI

Looks like missing DB entries to me. Show me your tables. And if you edit the DB you need to restart the server. Not just ensure the resource.


and I restart the full server, every time

Errors? And show me the table structure please. Also is your config setup with the same names of the shops in the DB as in the Config?

So im getting the Error "nui-resources SEND_NUI_MESSAGE: resource esx_shops has no UI frame

The Weapon shop seems to work, No problem there. However when i go to the shop nothing appears after pressing E and in F8 that message appears.


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You need to add those items to Database Items

how did you fix this or did you just turn off the license??

Where is the player getting the license? There is not point to purchase it.

where did u get that png file?

thanks you very much

how did u get the pictures to work…

Looks very good! :smiley: Thank you!

You have to add im/****.png to all the tables under imglink

Also, replace the files code in ur your _resources: to this. or just add
‘html/img/*.png’, there

files {

Hi, can you have me how to config the picture, thank you

[HOW TO] ADD ITEMS TO FIVEM SHOPS 🐱 - YouTube This is what ive done :stuck_out_tongue: If you follow this.

Can someone give me a different download link to this script because mine doesnt have the html img folder :confused:


What am I doing wrong, like everything according to the instructions does not show the icons. Created a folder inside esx_shops/html/img/*.png


how error notify?

Very interesting and everything is clear