[Release] [ESX & QBCore] Email to Discord DM

Send an Email directly to a player’s discord dm with his player id or discord id. (JS)


Old Version Video: Click Here

  • Note: Functionalities are the same so a new video preview is not added

New Version Image:


  • Yarn
  • qb-core or es_extended


  • Step 1: Create a Discord Bot, Add it to your server.
  • Step 2: Add your bot token in config.json & Add your core info [Use qbcore or esx]
  • Step 3: Drag and drop cad-email to your resources and add it to server.cfg
  • Step 4: Finish! Now use /email command and try it.

Download: Github


can you make it for esx ?
if not can i make it ?

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ill do that soon


thank you

Done Check the releases tab


thank you mate

Good morning ! Great work! Is it possible to have the function that opens the menu of the email to be able to add it to a menu to avoid making the order?

you want a function to add it to a menu?

Yes, to be able to integrate it into a menu instead of ordering

there is already a event use that

can you give me the event to use?

Client Side: TriggerEvent(“cademailOpenNUI”)
Server Side:

I have an error when I try to send an email to a user via the ID

Post it in github issues

It was put

Please help me

check readme

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you need git to be installed

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