[Release][ESX] Properties

If I logout while in a property, and then later log back in, the exit on the property does not work and I’m stuck inside the property. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix for this?

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I have the same error as you, did you find a solution?

Sadly not yet.
I hope someone knows the solution to it or that another resource like this is available.
As im reading in this post there are a lot of errors in this resource which need to be fixed i think :sweat_smile:

Hey, there is someone stealing and selling this script. I left a comment to nicely ask them to remove it and 5 minutes later he deletes the comment…

You do realise thats a different script right? Also think its a payed one

its the same script they just added a give keys option and they are selling it for around $15 USD… They never gave credits to the original owner they are using the original owners’ base and they only added the give keys option. I already tested it out and called in my bank because they were selling a stolen script, they banned me from their discord server when I asked if they put credits and they banned me for the reason “STFU”? So that’s how I know its 100% stolen scripts.

You just admitted to breaking tos by “Buying” a script. Also Im not sure if they did or not as i haven’t seen the code. You should be sending proof of it to fivem as they are also breaking tos by selling the script i belive

How to Distribute saved clothes change system from esx_property to place a clothing shift in the city.

If i try to sell the property i get this issue. Anyone can help me?

Hello does I have problem I added esx_property and everything else requiered I dont get no errors but I cant see blips on a map also marker to buy it not showing up what can be a problem?

same did you figure it out?

My apartment system on every floor

Hi !

I’m setting up a server to play with friends, but I can’t figure out a problem I’m having.

I think this problem comes from esx_property, but I’m not sure.

Indeed, when I want to enter a property, I can enter it but my character becomes invisible.

When I leave the building, my person remains invisible until I log out.

If I disconnect from the server when I’m in a building, when I reconnect, I won’t be able to leave the building (even though the marker is present in the apartment).

Is this a known problem?

I have all the prerequisites for this resource and the latest version of FiveM-Server.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Can someone please help me before i rip my hair out…i hate that the property storage is shared across all owned properties. Is there any fix or edits for this? Its the one thing i’m battling with right now and i cant figure it out.

im having so much error, i cant take items such as bandages. etc.
i can deposit items such as weapon clip but i cant withdraw them.
then i look at the console this are the errors.

Hi !
Here is what happens when i want to sell a property.

SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_property/server/main.lua:46: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘triggerEvent’)

If i disconnect and reconnect, I can’t sell the property and tells me “Move out of property” without letting me sell the appartment. If i press E to move out, it doesn’t work…

Help me,please.

Why properties doesn’t work on vps? wtf

how do i get those?