[Release][ESX] Police Vehicle Tracker [with UI]

Nice release but after testing for a while the blip disappears when out of range which makes the whole script kind of pointless for tracking lost or stolen cars. maybe after some changes to tracking method would be ok. nice work though.

Is it possible to upgrade it for onesync users? Because the blip ist just showing if car is near u :frowning:

can someone please help with the blips disappearing after a certain distance

Add OneSync support and it works.

It doesn’t work =) I’m pressing F9 button and nothing appears.
the name of resource in cfg is mark-b_police-tracker.
Can you help me?

can i get this on qb

is it possible to use only when a officer is not in a vehicle, so only when he is standing

nice job

It works and I have to change the keybind to another key because it is with the pet management. I’ll do it later. Thank you for the script so I can help to find other people lost cars. Keep up the good work.

is there a way so you don’t need to have a police job

nice job

pozdravljen . rad bi se prjavu na server