[RELEASE] ESX PLANTING - planting weed and other plants!

Is there a fix against it now?

once i answered my first question i get stuck with this error

someone knows how to fix this?

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what did you guys use to sell? meaning what script

is it weight or limit basset ???

I have a problem after finishing planting, it does not end up in the weed inventory

how to fix it?

how to fix it? Pls help

you probably do not have the item “weed” in your database

SCRIPT ERROR: @weed/server/main.lua:67: attempt to compare nil with number

Any way to fix this? I’m using es_extended v1 final.

hi i have this error

i need help please

how do l set how much weed to have to process instead of having 3 weed for 1 to process how do l change those numbers

I am having an issue in which I plant the seed my guy does the animation of planting it but then the first step never appears no box appears anywhere I have pNotify installed.

Any help would be appreciated

Did you find a solution?

No unfortunately switched scripts.

Oh alas it was beautiful

My friend, what do you recommend an alternative to this?

how do i fix this?