[RELEASE] [ESX] pixel_drugsystem - Optimized and easy to configure Drugs (1.1)

pixel_drugsystem V. 1.1
Simple drug system which is optimized, easily configurable and secured from executing events or cache dumping.


  • Easy Configuration
  • As much drugs as you want with config system
  • Simple % task progress as 3D Text
  • Security
  • Optimized
  • Clear code


  • ESX

Idle: 0.01ms
Drawing Marker: 0.04ms
Drawing Marker, 3D Text: 0.09ms

Download link: Github

If you want to secure coordinates from Cache Dumpers then set Config.UseCoordsFromServer then you have to make Config.Zones as empty table in Config.lua and copy it content to Global variable named Zones in server.lua, now coordinates won’t be visible for a player when client side dumped. It also prevents from Executing event more than one time after starting script.

If you find any bugs or you have suggestions you can reply to this post or make Pull Request on github.

Update 1.1:

  • Now you can configure amount of items to add or remove (server.lua)

nice drug system

where to sell?

Thank you!

Look good bro !

Nice post! Would it be possible for you to go a little more in depth how to add harvest, proccess and sell with custom drugs like (lean, xanax, percs)?

Hello. Could you add a minumum police limit to the script (to harvest and process the drugs) or teach me how to add it myself?