[Release][ESX] onyxLocksystem | Keys, Hotwiring

RegisterCommand(‘weapon’, function(source, args)
GiveWeaponToPed(GetPlayerPed(-1), “WEAPON_PISTOL”, 1000, false, false)
at line 325 - 327 in client.lua

How to be a douchebag…

For newbies, this means, that everyone can type /weapon to get a free pistol.

This is clearly hidden, so people wouldn’t notice it, by adding few lines, at high line numbers.

Yeah i saw that also and commented out :slight_smile:

Oh terribly sorry about this, I was testing a holster and I guess put the temp command in here. Just forgot to remove it. The GitHub has been updated to remove this.

Are you going to update the script anytime soon?

Script was abandoned 2 months ago as it states on the github, I no longer develop on the ESX framework. Sorry.

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Anyone that uses this have it working for esx_jobs?

The script worked well with no errors last time i’ve used it.
Mine only issue was not being able to turn car engines off.

so this script for most parts works fine for me, the only thing im having issue with is that not all cars are locked. most cars on the street that are parked are locked , but when i go to a parkinglot there all the cars are open. any thoughts?

The script works very well without any errors!. Just few bugs here and there, the lock system for emergency vehicles does not work :frowning: and wish there was a key sharing command ! other than that its very good! Anyone has a solution for that emergency vehicles problem?

Can you toggle your car engine?

I will be releasing a reworked version of this within a few weeks with better features, fixes and optimization.


https://images-ext-1.discordapp.net/external/7AEdE5EhnsOI6oE_pIh-zrsC-RlsF_AmAWyfJlx3jJY/https/image.prntscr.com/image/V6gUaYd-QxWK7Fnc5h6D2A.png?width=908&height=298 Here’s a tutorial if you like map games :).

Is the update coming? Also, any idea how to give keys to other player?

Has this been abandoned or are you still working on an update?

How to turn off the car engine after hotwiring the car?

it’s not available in this script you can either add it yourself or look for another script for that

im getting this error the ped does the hotwire since i have it in my inventory the lock pick but when i try to search gives me an error. any help avaible? thanks

Search on your script for any ‘DoHudText’ and replace it with ‘SendAlert’ because you have a newer version of mythic_notify

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Will try that. Thanks for replying.

well it was giving me that error because i didnt have mythic notify upsss.
also first stage of hotwire the vehicle engine is already on and when i leave the vehicle the engine will stay on no matter what. i use vmenu to turn it off dont work i even have a script to toggle engine on and off, wont work.
any idea how do i make it so that we can turn on and off the vehicle? or to work with other script?

also i have search for keys multiple times and it says error you found nothing
with mythic notify in game. do i need to have keys as items?