[RELEASE] [ESX] Multicharacter And Spawnselector

is it possible to make ui to fit on all resolutions?

That fact that this is free makes the script 10 times better. Good work dude.

Possible. But i don’t know css responsive

when someone has a character and they buy a car on that character and then go onto a new one they make that car that they bought on that previous one is also on it, also when people delete a character it kicks the person and it doesnt delete the charchater

check citizenid.

If character deletion doesn’t work, try download it again. I fixed that problem yesterday.

This is great but im not sure how i can create my character cause i dont see anything. How can i fix that?

I’ve said this so much. Apply Readme.md step by step.

ok the character deletion worked but with the cars its still transfers to the new character

identifier > citizenid. Did u understand ?

i did that, didnt work

Registration and creation it’s working well, but every time i log in when i select spawn point, my pg it’s in air and i spawn dead after choose…

it was born dead. But after 1 second it was fixed. You can try to reinstall

I have a fix dm if you need it

would this be a decent replacement for kashactors?

Please help me. When i start server with this it doesnt show me anything just this wall and nothing.

If you create a female character, the opening animation will be different (she will receive a flower :rose: XD), so cool!!

I have a question. When I die, it will spawn me to another place instead of the original place, and I will change to the default ped. What went wrong, please help, thanks

i’m updated script, re install and set

config > spawnmanager= true

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oh, wow, thanks :+1:

The menu for skin creation doesn’t show up I don’t have any errors and I followed the read me I’ve downloaded your scripts with the changes and it didn’t fix it I’m using es_extended V1 Final it completely skips the cut scene and I look like Michal