[Release] [ESX] Medical Weed Shop + YMAP

[Release] [ESX] Medical Weed Shop + YMAP

I made this little script of a ymap i found on gta 5 mods.
Basically there’s an npc selling you a joint and a blunt which
give you the effect of slowness and high effects.

Custom Script Made By Illeniuz

esx_weedshop.rar (3.0 KB)
What does this script inlcudes:

  • Weed Shop YMAP
  • 2x NPC In The Store (One In Store Counter, One In The Back)
  • NPC Sells You Weed (Joint,Blunt)


Use this script, it’s modified for the joint and the blunt.
esx_drugeffects (modified).zip (3.6 KB)

The YMAP [https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/mlo-legion-weed-clinic]


Add Joint And Blunt in the items database
make sure the limit for the items is 10.


says error server.lua index a nil value global

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ok i fixed that but i cant use the weed bud

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Looks Really good, great work, and smoke weed every day :wink:

How do i add the items in data base ?

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how to i change the location of the shop?.it seem near a police station.

Oh wow ! It worked for me and it is essential for a Canadian like me. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!


Should i make a better version?