[RELEASE] [ESX] Lenzh_Chopshop v2!

Iv got the same issue and cant work out why.

I get this in my console “SCRIPT ERROR: @Lenzh_chopshop/server/sv_main.lua:35: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘canCarryItem’)”

And not getting any items. Help?

All Errors with canCarryItem is caused by people not having the weight system in there esx… use ESX v1-final!

Hi there I’m using the version 2.0 and when I chop a vehicle the vehicle does not disappear from player inventory,

There is any solution?
Sorry for the english :slight_smile:

I have the v1-final but get this Screenshot by Lightshot and no items in inventory

Is there a way to remove only the marker on the NPC and not in the chop shop alone?

when i chop a car it goes through the whole process and the car is “taken care by john” but i never get any car parts, the items are in the database and there is no errors, and ive tried 10+ times and never gotten any items to sell

I get this “come back x minutes”. Its been on come back in 0 minutes and still nothing happening. Any idea what to do here?

nevermind it eventually worked. Just didnt get any parts, hmmmm

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Just wanted to give a short feedback after trying out this cool and well coded script… confirming no problems and full functions working on esx 1.2 thumbs up keep going those well made scripts :wink:

Just a little suggestion, could be cool to have a additional option of items you get from chopping with a %chance of getting when chop is done.

As Example:

You chop a sultanrs vehicle
guarenteed rewards: trunk,rims,headlights, whatever AND a configured chance ( 20%) of getting a higher priced reward or a random item out of a configured pool… you know some kind of jewels, a watch or somethin like that u may get out when u chop a car… just to have a balance screw more to adjust with the economy :slight_smile:

but this is just a “wish to have” function, not even required this script is until now the best of its kind after looking for somethin like this…

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my only fix was to getting no parts was to get the previous version and configure it for the new parts and change the location :man_shrugging:

How can I add more than one chop location?

@Lenzh_FX the blip is there, i can dismantle car but get no parts to sell, no errors in F8 console

I need some help, when i go to sell parts i press E and no menu appears am i missing something? , i get this error:

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e[38;5;90m[script:Lenzh_chopsho] e[0me[97mError loading script server/sv_main.lua in resource Lenzh_chopshopv2: @Lenzh_chopshopv2/server/sv_main.lua:4: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘ESX’)
e[38;5;90m[script:Lenzh_chopsho] e[0me[97mstack traceback:
e[38;5;90m[script:Lenzh_chopsho] e[0me[97m @Lenzh_chopshopv2/server/sv_main.lua:4: in main chunk
e[38;5;161m[ c-scripting-core] e[0me[97mFailed to load script server/sv_main.lua.

keep getting this error and script wont load, am i missing something?

i have one converted for vrp and qbus

So I added the sql file to my DB and installed the script as per instructions everything works fine however I don’t receive any items after it states that the car has been chopped. The names from the config.lua match up with those in my DB.

Error in console = [script:Lenzh_chopsho] SCRIPT ERROR: @Lenzh_chopshop/server/sv_main.lua:35: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘canCarryItem’)

Thanks in advance!