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Im struggling with an exploit right now. People can run in and out of the markers and trigger spam “E” to gather much much faster… is there any possible fix for that?

putting a check on wheter the menu is open, adding a cooldown, many ways to prevent this.

There is no menu with esx_jobs. Adding a cooldown doesnt work, cause as soon as you leave the marker the state of work is basically on “not working” and you can run in to trigger it again. I have an cooldown already, it just doesnt work in this case. I’d use animations but i dont know how to get them in the code, as im no coder and my developers dont have time since months. Im kinda sitting here and trying to fix stuff while not knowing what im doing lol :X

Then a cooldown would be the way to go :slight_smile:

ok i have been looking anyone know how to add ranks and billing to fueler job the server i play on would like it i tryed to make it but i am new to that any help?

When I press “E” to change clothes not working in all works

The job works i tested all of them… To have a real skin change then you need to go in your database and either copy other skin from other job or make your own…

to start a job I have to put the “clothes”, but the wardrobe menu is not open

NVM if your not using English locals then it will show to press e but it’s C or R3.
This was modified for my server and i use english. I will update locals of other language

Edit: Fixed all local to match the key control which is C on keyboard and R3 on controller.

I’m sorry,my fault, but now I have a problem, it happens to me with all ESX_JOBS I tried, I can’t return the cars

make sure to have latest esx so esx 1.2 final.

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Solved all time my fault D:
idk what happ whit me… hahaha

If i have some problem i told u ;9

Hi thanks for this useful script, i succesfully add a custom job, i just have a question it is possible to add multible requirement for making 1 item ? for exemple meat+bread=sandwich.

how to i change the work outfits i added custom clothing now the work outfits are messed up @Sorrora

Please tell me in what document should this be written? and between which lines.

How do i change the Keybinding From C to E, i cannot for the life of me find the line in any of the .Lua’s

you need to go to the clothing store to figure out what the clothes are first then use the corasponding numbers from clothing store and record them once thats done you need to go back into the config or database i cant remember and re enter your clothing selections
format i use for recording my clothes for jobs “tshirt_1”:75
“torso_1”:1 7
“pants_1” 29
“shoes_1” 83
when entering into you DB or config use the format they use

nice job