[RELEASE][ESX] Items for weapons and accessories

Hi how are things?
I give myself the weapon item, but it won’t let me use it. I use the inventory of chezza, but it won’t let me draw the weapon or use it. Nor do they appear in the wheel of arms

What version of esx are you using also are you getting them in the inventory?

I am using ESX Legacy with weight system, yes I get it in my inventory with / giveitem and it gives it to me because it is in the database, but it does not allow to use them. The inventory I use changes the weapons roll by a ui that allows you to place things in 4 slots and use them with 1,2,3 and 4. (chezza inventory), but even if I put the weapons that I gave with / giveitem there, it does not work :(.

What could it be? It is necessary to return the item weapons since I want to implement the crafting system, but I get an error of is extended as they are normal weapons.

So if i understand so do you not have the ordinary weapon wheel active and is using an hotkey inventory? This script is made to be used with weapon wheel and i have not registered the weapon usable but you can easily add a registerusableitem loop for all of the weapons. :smile:

Exactly, an inventory with hotkeys. I’m new to programming and I don’t quite understand what you mean by loop of usable weapons, could you give me some instructions in a better way so that I can do it myself?

Well, due to that I don’t have the time at the moment to write the code for you I’ll recommend you to start learning Lua especially if you are going to start a server. Also due to that this is a separate modification that I’ve not myself coded into the script from start I will sadly not put any special effort in the near future to add it, this is simply because I don’t have time for it at this moment due to I’m switching home and can’t say when I get my desktop up and running again.

When I put the gun in my hotbar, it wont pull out. Do you know why?

hi, i am using this script but from my inventory hotbar it does not pick up the weapon. instead if I deactivate the hotbar and I have the basic wheel it works for me. what should i change in the inventory script? I am using Chezza Inventory

As I’ve written before in the thread you’ll need to register the items as usable and code it to work.

where should I have to write them sorry?

thanks, you are very helpful. really.

I do help when people have problems with the code I’ve writen, what you practically are asking is that I shall code for you so my code works with your inventory. So there is no reason for you to be disrespectful with your reply when you haven’t read in the thread before you ask the same thing as others done before you.

The stuff you want to do is fairly simple and shall be simple for you to fix if you are used to Lua.

New realease on the github, where the support for hotbars aka registering item usable added.

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