[RELEASE][ESX] Illegal trafic - Human Body and Organs

I release this script of Illegal trafic, this script is based on:
Original Idea Form Thananyx



  • Bones, Marrow, Brain, Hearts,intestine Farm to get a complete Human Body
  • After get the body you can sell it for black money


Additional Information:

  • For support feel free to send me a direct message or put the trouble on this topic.

Languages Supported now:

To Do:

  • Translate to portuguese

Screenshots or video?


Hows your juice?

This script is awesome, gg.

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Hey, so good <3 keep up the great work


please put some video or screenshots

Today i will put something

Thats rework from esx_drugs script. Do you have premission to do that?

Sounds amazing. Does this work on vRP, and do you have any screenshots or videos of the thing?

“original idea from Thananyx” all you did was change the language and rename events…

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Great Script!

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This script has repair for new essentials and fixes troubles

Great releases, I will use it.

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Turkish language added by CylexVII THX so much for pull on GitHub

I had the original one but would like to see screenshot/video of exactly how this one works.

Is this “interactive” or is it just a stand and press e to collect.

dosent work i dont know why

to everyone who is using English here is a English translation en.lua (1.5 KB)

Thx i will add it on GitHub

This is installed and we have found the sell points, but cant find out how to gut to the organs?