[Release]esx_FRR | Fort Zancudo Attack ESX Script for FiveM | Military Base Attack Script for FiveM

Fort Zancudo ( Military Base ) Attack For Esx Server
An Heist On Fort Zancundo Military Base Tower

Video Preview : YouTube
Download esx_FRR
Add item into your DataBase
INSERT INTO items (name, label, weight) VALUES (‘pendrive’, ‘Pendrive’, 1);

Credits: https://github.com/Vanheden/esx_holdupbank

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If you could add bots it would be better

also im getting this erro:
@esx_FRR/server/server.lua:61: attempt to index a nil value

add the item that is says in the line of code into your items table in database

I am working on that , new update will come soon

add an item called pendrive on your database , post is updated with the sql query