[Release][ESX][Free] Cosmo HUD and Speedometer

I had the same issue, resolved it with a wait around line 100~, look like this:



    local minimap = RequestScaleformMovie("minimap")

    RequestStreamedTextureDict("circlemap", false)

Pushed an update to GitHub which fixes the big map when rejoining issue (thanks @txic.cake).

Also added config option to display or hide voice indicator as well as a /togglehud command.

I have an issue with the hud, its none of the hunger or thirst is working, I had a hud in before that worked fine but changed to this one

did you get a fix for this?

ye you can fix this with ThefeedSpsExtendWidescreenOn(). Put in under SetMinimapComponentPosition(‘minimap_blur’, ‘L’, ‘B’, -0.035, -0.03, 0.18, 0.22)

thanks only issue with is is it now shows the green and blue health and Armour bar


Anyone have this issue?

Is it possible to adapt it to pma-voice?

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The circles are allways at 100% help?`

I hope so, i just went to the mumble-voip section on the fivemy forums and it said to try pma-voice instead, maybe a way to switch between both of them fingers crossed

use the config file adequately

also having that issue aswell

yo what custom map is that? and whats the issue ?

anyone elses fuel not moving?

mumble isnt broken u just have to connect it to pma voice

I didbt chage abything at all and ecen then the circles dont indicate how much ist left they are allways a 100%

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i’ve been having an issue with my voice chat bubble flashing, ive configured it with the mumble steps above (im using mumble-voip)… any ideas ? i tried starting the script after mumble and rp radio to no avail aswell