[RELEASE][ESX][FREE] Anchor / Seatbelt Message when entering a Boat/Car

Hello guys,

This is my first idea of a script, it’s very simple, it just triggers an action, in this case a pNotify notification, you can use your own notify script if you want, you need to edit the client.lua where “exports:” is.


  • pNotify (default), you can use your own notification script to handle the triggers, if you dont know what to do, let me know


Special thanks to @thibaultD and @MadsL for the help on this post

(i will upload a preview in a few moments)

ps: it DOESNT include an Anchor script, nor a Seatbelt script. This is only a ShowNotification when getVehicleClass returns the value of the recent entered vehicle.


does this acutaly put a anchor down so the boat doesnt move? or is it just UI for when you get in?

Oh no no, this is only a shownotification script, where it gives you a Message (predeffined on the client.lua), when you enter a specific classVehicle, for example, Boats.