[Release] ESX - Food Water Drunk status bars under mini map! ( ESX ONLY )

It is called esx_customhud or esx_customui

please help how did you make it work ?

Hey guys - I am going to try and give this script some love and see if i can get it working again.

UPDATE 10-27-2020

So I have gotten mine working again by using the older version of ESX_Staus, ESX_Basicneeds, ESX_Optinalneeds.

Here are all 3 scripts form github at the versions that work to this day.

optinalneeds - https://github.com/esx-framework/esx_optionalneeds/tree/a933caedf09125aa7db4cdf1ee622e86088f0547 (Jun 12, 2018)
basicneeds - https://github.com/esx-framework/esx_basicneeds/tree/3714e5e268f9d30532a83a4f6b0db1ec380d04ec (Mar 15, 2019)
status - https://github.com/esx-framework/esx_status/tree/4b46663c965478511c58c54fb863f11d4e2b4efa (Dec 2, 2018)

Step 1 - Download all 3 above
Step 2 - Make the edits form the original post.
Step 3 - Make sure your server config is in this order.
1. esx_status
2. esx_basicneeds
3. esx_optinalneeds
4. esx_fwd_ui
Step 4 - Have fun!


Hey Rocwo
I have a question how can I get the script could you send me a link or so I could get it I could also pay for it if you want
I would appreciate a quick response


I’ve updated the problem, everything except the food, it stays at zero, does anyone know why?

It’s a really old script and I think it is not compatible anymore with the new ESX.
I don’t where is this script in my computer to be honest.
If I find it I will do a topic with Tebex link.