[Release] [ESX] ESX_DRUGS (UPDATE version)

same error i know my inventory is not full because i can carry other items

got everything set to weight or limit depending on esx version? mine works great for V1 Final

i ended up having to set the item weights to -1 and use esx_inventoryhud for weight

The money wash is not popping up or anything the only one that was worked is drug dealer

when are they coming i need them xd

Hello i have this probleme when i cant to change drugs :

[ script:es_extended] SCRIPT ERROR: @es_extended/server/classes/player.lua:281: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘testItemObject’)

[ script:es_extended] > ref (@es_extended/server/classes/player.lua:281)

[ script:es_extended] > ref (@esx_drugs/server/heroin.lua:24)

[ script:es_extended] > fn (@es_extended/server/functions.lua:14)