[Release] [ESX] ESX_DRUGS (UPDATE version)

SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_drugs/server/main.lua:56: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘canCarryItem’)

TriggerServerCallback (@es_extended/server/functions.lua:33)
handler (@es_extended/server/common.lua:88)

can someone help?

bro use GitHub - Xovos/esx_illegal: I changed ESX_Drugs and added a lot of features like more drugs and licenses for the money was and the money wash itself.

In config.lua, you must set every blip to false to disable it or to true to enable it

CokeField = {coords = vector3(-310.43, 2496.34, 76.60), blimpcoords = vector3(-310.43, 2496.34, 76.60), name = _U(‘blip_CokeFarm’), color = 4, sprite = 501, radius = 0.0, enabled = true},
CokeProcessing = {coords = vector3(1090.00, -3194.93, -38.99), blimpcoords = vector3(143.66, -1656.21, 29.33), name = _U(‘blip_Cokeprocessing’),color = 4, sprite = 501, radius = 0.0, enabled = true}

Thrid row you need to have INSERT INTO items (name, label, limit, rare, can_remove)

You dont have limit in your row

And mine database is with limit not weight

than update ur es_extended to v1final cause limit is outdated

i am having a problem is not picking it up any one of the drugs i did add it in the db

can i move these locations to the city?

you can move it any where you want just make sure that the heading is at the right high some times the props heading is in the ground

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im having trouble importing both sql to my database

i need help

#1044 - Access denied for user 'zap725602-1'@'%' to database 'es_extended'

#1044 - Access denied for user 'zap725602-1'@'%' to database 'essentialmode'


Me sale este error a la hora de ponerla en la sql

I have a SQL error :
Error de SQL (1136): Column count doesn’t match value count at row 1