[Release] [ESX] esx_blackmarket

The resources are perfect, I added the item without any problem, when I buy the item from the store, it is not added to the inventory and the money is not discounted.

Which ESX version?

I am having this same issue. Items are in shop but I cant purchase

how can i add items??

In your database

I am having a proplem where everything is working but i cant buy anything, when i try to buy something the menu closes but i dont get the item and it doesn’t take the money

Yes, I am having the same issue. Compared to esx_shops and all looks like it should work. I wonder if it is the black money transaction?

I have not been doing FiveM development in a long time. I see that ESX has been through alot of changes, so some of the code can maybe be outdated. When/if I get back into FiveM development I will look into it.

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For me it was an issue with the en.lua file in locales directory. I matched it to esx_shops and works fine.

what is the location of the black market when i get it in

add the sqls in the databases

how to do i add weapons do i put WEAPON_ASSAULTRIFLE or somethine esle