[Release] [ESX] Easy Weapon Accessories (Add and remove attachments)

Hi, were u working with saving these components to DB yet? It’s the only one thing that I want implement to this script for my server, because when somone is crashed with the accessory he lose it ;/

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thank you

If you’re having any issues with this release on an up-to-date ESX server, all you have to do is:

1.) Add the items to a shop in your database (not esx_weaponshop, because it looks for weapons and not items) such as esx_supermarket, for example.
2.) Open your client.lua and replace all 40 instances of “DoHudText” with “SendAlert”, since that has changed in mythic_notify and seems to break the current release.

Once you have done the above it should all work again. You can now buy items from the shop and use them as intended. For bonus points, add some images to your esx_inventoryhud and esx_supermarket to make it look nice.

Enjoy! o/

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Legend, I didn’t know about this change as been away from FiveM for awhile, can you push this to github? If not i’ll do it just you might want the credit for the commit :slight_smile:

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Sadly not yet, hopefully someone can assist with this

Thanks for the quick response! No need for credit on my end, just figured it might help others and honestly I’m too lazy to set up git. :wink: Thanks for the awesome mod! You saved me a lot of time. :slight_smile:

Another thing I noticed is the notification for heavy armor says “You have put on Light Body Armor”, so you might want to change that to “You have put on Heavy Body Armor”.

I feel bad and really need to learn to start drinking more coffee before posting. I fixed another mod, oopsie, and will repost it in the appropriate thread ([ESX] Weapon Extensions | Addon Items). Sorry for maybe making you happy with something that wasn’t even an issue. I still hope it might help someone and will crawl back under my shame cube now.

Im having some problems, the suppressor doesnt work in cars, only on bikes and sometimes the player have ilimited ammo, any solution?

This now saves Weapon attachments to the DB. ESX awhile back implemented component support so they now save :slight_smile:

this is from GTA 5 it self not the script.

I added this script to the server and everything went fine it works both the skin both the grip and the light but the silencer doesn’t work can’t be used on any weapons anything anyone help some?
thank you very much

Nothing saves, no errors. Everything looks correct. any help?
edit: Silence. This why I hate the fivem community.

how to add more skins for the weapons ?

i try to add but not working meaby i have wrong names for the items ?

where i can fint the names for the item skin ?

Oh dear no one replied now you hate this community. No one has a duty to reply to you don’t act entitled. Stuff saves fine, it’s even supported in ESX standard to save attachements.

Google Weapon Component names GTAV and you’ll find a link with all attachments and skins

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No, it doesn’t. Lol. Did you JUST come on here to reply to a months old comment? Instead of wasting your time doing that you could give some suggestions, no worries though brother! I’m writing a better script anyways for personal use. Thanks! Have a great day! Happy Holidays! (:

same here it’s not saving.

This is working fine for me and everything is saving !! Nice work man, thanks for sharing it :slight_smile:

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how does the weapon skin item work?

im having issues with that, whenever i reload into the server if the attachment was on the gun its gone, am i missing a column or something in the DB that the weapon attachments save too?