[RELEASE] [ESX] Disassemble Weapons

I have found at present that a working script is missing in the ESX versions to be able to disassemble the weapon and store both it and the ammunition in the inventory.

In fact I have written this simple script for ESX.

  • Disassemble the weapon and its bullets to individual items
  • Items can be used to assemble the weapon and his bullets again
  • It´s have Discord logs!

Nice release man, please pay attention to the disassemble trigger server side, it’s not protected and can be easily used to get weapons or items

Fix some thing in server side and added Discord log

it indeed is protected. It makes sure you actually have the weapon before letting you do anything

Nicee, know any assemble weapons scripts?

it disassemble to items, but that items can be use to assembly the gun and bullets

help me

That´s because your using a older version of ESX, this script was made for ESX 1.2/1.final…

So update your esx version or change the canCarryItem function to the similar one for ESX 1.1

I have this error =(