[Release] [ESX] Custom Shops

Want to add custom shops to your city? With this script, now you can! Each shop can even contain different items! The configuration file allows for changes in store name, blip sprite, blip colors, coordinates of shops, and the items available in each separate shop!

Purchase Here

Images of the shops on the map:

Screenshot of the configuration file:


Nice release thank you!
Can you add normal esx nofitication to display you have bought anything?
Because actually you buy an item, and you dont get a message. So you dont know if you bought anything or not.


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Just updated it! Just redownload from the link sent to you after purchase! :smiley:

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Does this use SQL database?

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Can you add xPlayer.canCarryItem(item.name, count) on every addInventoryItem?
Because you can buy as much as you want while inventory is full… actually it ignores the weightsystem of every inventory.

Thank you!

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This does not use any database

Sure thing! I’ll try to get this updated today!

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is it possible to pay in black?

Currently the script is setup to pay in cash

it is not possible to pay in black?

It’s possible; however, the server.lua code would have to be modified.

If you make it possible to pay in black, I’m interested

Hey, is the update out now?

It is not, been busy with work. I won’t get around to it until probably Sunday! I would be happy to shoot you a message when it’s updated!

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Alright, thanks!

how much is left for the update?