[RELEASE] [ESX] Better Noclip Script

# First Release #1.0 #
FiveM Ready Noclip Script
Hey! I’ve made this simple script to my server and I wanted to share it, this is my first script ever made so it can always be worked.

If you found any issue please create it on my GitHub

Download: Download

Quick Setup

  1. Download the file
  2. Paste it on your resources folder
  3. “start BetterNoclipBySalgado” on server.cfg

How to use it

After having group permissions type on chat:

  • “/n0” - Level 0 > the slowest one
  • “/n1” - Level 1
  • “/n2” - Level 2
  • “/n3” - Level 3
  • “/n4” - Level 4
  • “/n5” - Level 5 > the fastest one

In the future I want to make it change the velocity by only pressing a key instead of a new command.

Feel free to edit it :slight_smile:
Thanks and have a wonderfull day!