[Release] [ESX] Admin Duty

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By: @qCloudW

Notice: Do not trade/sell this script at any point and time this is licensed and 100% Free

:gear: How to Install

  1. Download the file.
  2. Add this to server.cfg => start aduty
  3. Clean the Cache and start the server.

:lock: Requirements:


:camera: Screenshot

:cloud: Download:

Download for ESX v1.1: aduty ESX v1.1.rar
Download for ESX v1.2: aduty ESX v1.2.rar

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nice to have

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Nice release :+1: :smiley:

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it’s nic

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Its possible you can add permissions for groups?
So e.g admins can chosoe all, mods only can choose green etc.

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you can easily use add_ace for these with the permission name in config. Or you can use IsPlayerAceAllowed

how to add godmode if an admin is onduty??

Can you ESX Admin query work ?
/aduty can all player this not good… :frowning:

Could i get the Header?