[RELEASE] EssentialMode Robbery System

Have you found a better system???

when i try to rob a cash register or a safe nothing happens, i get the thing at the top saying press e to pry open but nothing happens

I have this & have everything working (changed the amount of cops needed on to 0 to be able to actually rob the locations) but after i press e and the time finishes, it just says +0 for the money added with every location i try. anyone have any suggestions or ideas on what could possibly be going on where i get no money from any robbery i try?

can i get this from you?

I need it too please

hay guy´s gives a way to deaktivate the map markers ? we have too mutch markers on the map (right marker list) i hopeu know what i mean xD sorry my english is so bad :frowning:

Do you still have this for ESX?

Me please

is there a way to make something give an item instead of cash

Of course @dkmd710

This is great, I noticed that you must have alot of different maps that open up areas like BahamaMamas and such. I’d be very interested in using these along with this script, however I am no programmer so editing 3d models of the game is a bit out of my league.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Same how do I configure the Pnotify to it to get it to work all I get is press e and when I press e nothing happens but I don’t know how to set up the pnotify to it

Where I can eneable Black money revard?

still havent figured it out i just gave up on this resource i tried reinstalling ESX and configuring Pnotify but nothing works. do you know any resources like this?

would anyone have an idea on how to set this up so that if no cops are online it gives you a wanted level based on how extreme the robbery?

this script still work ?