[RELEASE] Enhanced Crouch

One issue I found is that your ped hovers above the ground when aiming while crouched.

Any chance you can check it out and see if there’s any solution?

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Can you also add a prone?

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can you make Github issue?

Yeah will do

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Well done! Mind sharing the hud aswell? Looks very clean

This works so well, nice work with it mate!

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No crouch with in first person? When I try to crouch when in first person it kicks me out to third person view

I tried this, even changed keybind in case it was an issue. my ped doesn’t stay crouched for more than a second. doesn’t matter if I’m standing still or moving.

did u tried change cooldown time and also check you have any cmd or registered key map about crouch command?

Hello there. I have the same Problem. My ped is standing up after not even one second. I changed the cooldown time and checked all my ressources. No commands or keys registered on crouch.

Hello. How would I set this to return to set walking style? It seems it cancels the players walking style when they crouch, and then stand. Thanks in advance.

For everyone who has a problem with the crouch resetting after a really short time. The reason could be a resource which resets the ClipSet of the Ped to Normal. In my case it was a feature to make the ped walk like if it was hurt when the Health is under a certain level. Just check your resources.

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I have this working with a forced first person aiming script while crouching but it’s doing something weird where the legs will stay locked in place but the body will turn. It’s not normal. lmao. It works fine if I use crouch while moving and aiming in first person but if I try to walk while fully crouched and not moving it does that.