[Release] EMS Vehicles pack ( Add-on | Non ELS | Blue Lights Only )

Hello friends
I am providing you with a package of EMS vehicles that I made quite a long time ago. All vehicles are addon and have non els lights. I hope you will like it!

:video_camera: Video demonstration:

:floppy_disk: Download:
Click here for download ems pack

:closed_book: Additional information:

Vehicle models are not mine. The only thing I changed in them was painting, light colors and carcols files.


Vapid Interceptor from fib pack: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/fib-police


Dzienki dziala

thanks sir very much

but why



Very nice pack, gonna add it to my server.

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added to server, look amazing

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files not work for me

my sirens and lights don’t work ? any help ?

You are using ELS Version i belive. Use Non-els then your lights and sirens will work. Or you are just missing lux_vehiclecontrol resource :slight_smile: