[Release] Emilia Voice & Status [ESX]

Error loading script server/main.lua in resource esx_basicneeds: @esx_basicneeds/server/main.lua:23: attempt to call a nil value (field ‘RegisterCommand’)
stack traceback:
@esx_basicneeds/server/main.lua:23: in main chunk

Hello, anybody have the icons position on the center???

Hey, do you have the icons position on the center???

Which script caused that error? I am having the same issue and i am not sure what it is causing
It is kinda annoying when it is spamming that.

how to enable stamina meter

how to put it on the side like you did?

I have a problem…
I can not see thirst and hungry.

If you are just missing the hunger and thirst then you probably don’t have esx_basicneeds installed. I’ve been watching this video to get a overview of the recourse and how to set it up. Hope this helps!

Hey boys, can someone help my whit this hud. First of all i dont have stamina. ore armor.

And i wanna make this hud. can someone help my?

Do someone know how to hide the voice icon when using cinematic black bars please ? :wink:

I am having the same problem, i managed to fix hunger and thirst location, but water is just not working trying to fix water for like 6 hours now, but nothing changes. Pls can someone help?

does anyone know i can rotate this

how i already add on my basic needs but it still doesnt work? any help

how do i shout and whisper