[Release] EasyAdmin for RedM

not this guy again…

Hello! It’s me, again, after about a year of being logged off I have returned to bring you… EasyAdmin… for RedM this time, i hope this doesn’t count as a duplicate.

If you don’t know what EasyAdmin is, i recommend checking out the original Post here

Basically, it’s a simple administration interface, meant to replace overcomplicated “MySQL Ban” Scripts and similar one-trick-ponies with a simple but effective Permission System and easily understandable UI, currently the RedM Edition of EasyAdmin allows for:

  • Kicking
  • Banning
  • Teleport from/to Player
  • Slapping (take away hp or kill them)
  • Freezing Players
  • Changing Various Server side Convars and starting/stopping resources in game.


(yes, i ported NativeUI to RedM, i’m sorry.)

Download Link

Make sure to download at least EasyAdmin 5.5. or Above, as those Versions contain the RedM Version!


Drop it in and start it, same way it’s always done, EasyAdmin will automatically detect if you’re running Red- or FiveM and will take care of everything itself.

Wiki & Knowledge

I would strongly recommend reading the Wiki, specifically to add Admins and Configure Settings.
Specific things like changing the Keybind from F6 to something else are also outlined there.

Bug Reports & Issues

Found a bug? I would recommend creating an Issue, before reporting issues of the Menu “not working”, please also take a look at the Troubleshooting Guide, specifically “My Permissions dont work right/I cant open the Menu!”
Otherwise, you can also post it here, do note that i have decided to keep my activity here for to a minimum for personal reasons (this does not mean EasyAdmin is unsupported, it’s anything but!), so i wouldn’t recommend it if you need support “right naow!!”.

Thank you.

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Very nice!

Very nice! :+1:t2: