[RELEASE] dZp Cars Dealerships Business [PAID]

dZp Dealership




dZp Dealership allows players to have their own vehicle dealerships - manage them, control sotck, track sales, buy cars from other players or from server, then resell them to other players and more. This is a great addition if you want to enhance your economics and late game players experience in your server.


  • Set any player as dealership owner;
  • Interactive UI for dealership owners as well as customers;
  • Visual graphs with various dealership data e.g. sales history, recent requests and sales…;
  • Ability to create as many dealerships as needed and adjust them to your needs;
  • Dealerships owned by city can be created if you don’t want to give responsibility of them to players. In such case server staff can manage the stock and prices;
  • Server staff can use ingame commands to refill server cars stock and add new (addon) cars to be available for dealerships owners to choose from.


  • Preview all available cars listing;
  • Inspect any car in details - see it’s performance mods (if any), preview how it looks visually;
  • Request their desired car, leave a message with it and hope that dealership owner will get it to listing;
  • Sell cars to dealerships.

Dealership owners:

  • Can buy cars from available server stock. Less stock of specific car model - higher price;
  • Buy cars from other players and resell them to other players;
  • List cars for price they choose from dealership stock to be available to buy by any player;
  • Track all sales, their history, prices and income as well as requested cars by other server players;
  • Manage owned stock, list them, change colors, add to display;
  • Cars can be added to display - they will spawn at set coords and can bee shown to customers.

The rest of documentation can be found here: https://dazepelin.github.io/dzp_dealership/

Script is not encrypted anymore


Well done on this script, it looks absolutely amazing :smiley:

Quick question, what is the max amount of displays for Cars that can be added?

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Great job.

what i would love if you would have a warehouse to buy the cars from like in the old mf cardealer
also to place the vehicles for display like in the old mf cardealer. Would love to see shopping for cars and then drive them to the dealership instead of only click and get them on stock etc.
This 2 things added would make this one insane i think. I really love it.

You can adjust display slots and add as many as you want.

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You can add cars to display in latest version, video was made a bit before that.

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Brilliant! Thanks for the feedback.

Also wanted to know is this considered as a society where you can have more employees other than just the owner? ( * Set any player as dealership owner;) Thanks in advance!

This does not use the society system, owner and employees are stored in seperate database table, so anyone can have a society job and work/own a dealership at the same time.

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Nice but can it be placed free or only defined places?
I like the free place so everyone could use it a bit different.

and whats the deliver button under the +10% can this way the vehicle been picked up somewhere?

I bought this ages ago and still waiting for support and for it to actually work. I’ve actually given up waiting and just bought another one.

Compatible with ESX Legacy???

Yes, it is made for ESX v1 / legacy

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